Master's Programme: Marine Shipping Innovations

Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz

Type: Cursus / Sector(en): Zeevaart

Innovation is necessary to strengthen the position of the shipping industry in the Netherlands, and to effectively respond to national and international developments. The maritime field therefore needs experts who can deal with complex innovation projects through a multidisciplinary approach. The two-year master’s programme in Marine Shipping Innovations trains you to be that expert.

Study programme content

This master’s programme comprises two components:

  • Maritime Operational
  • Depending on your background and field of interest you can choose to study technical-, nautical- or design-oriented modules. Examples are: propulsion systems, automation technology, special maneuvres, ship management and research methodology.

  • Maritime Innovative
  • You focus on the design process and write a research plan. In the first year you choose a learning pathway in the area of maritime technology, nautical specialisations or maritime design. You can choose various modules within these learning pathways. In the second year you write a research plan, follow a masterclass and write your master’s thesis.

    Practical research

    During the programme you work on practice-based research that focuses on issues and dilemmas from real-life situations. The course maintains close connections with the industry. That is why it is important that your organisation or employer is prepared to collaborate closely.


    For more information about the course programme and costs please contact

    Kim Zuidema
    +31 (0)562 446 622


    Admission requirements

    For admission to the Master’s programme you need a certificate from an associated maritime Bachelor’s programme. In addition, it is required that you have at least four years of relevant work experience, as well as a command of mathematics and physics at a higher vocational education level. There is a fixed quota of 15 students for the study programme. The selection follows a particular procedure. Information about admission and registration can be found on the website


    The regular duration of the study programme is two years. This is based on 840 hours of study time (30 ECs) per year. 1 EC is equivalent to 28 hours of study. The actual study duration varies from person to person. The study programme takes into account your personal situation. You can plan and organise your studies around available study time and work situation.